2 In 1 Multi-Function Portable Electric Battery Powered Sewing Machine

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Product Description

  • With portable sewing machine you can sew with ease all kinds of fabrics like silk, denim, leather
  • It even works on arts and crafts projects
  • Get rid of big old machine and do stitches quickly and exquisitely
  • Light weight, compact and portable
  • Ideal for home owners, offices, students and craftspeople
  • Features available 2 stitching speed
  • It is the best replacement for your bulky old machine
  • Comes with thread loop for your great convenience

Method of operation:

1. Use the handwheel to raise needle to the highest position, lift the cloth pressing plate by using the back handle and then put into the cloth.

2. Put down cloth pressing plate, clockwise rotate handwheel for some rounds, switch on and start sewing.

3. There is an adjusting speed switch in the back of the machine, it has "high" and "low" gears, when it is pressed, it is high speed gear; press it again and it rises, then it is low speed gear.

4. Manual work for guiding cloth for straight movement of turning. Make it move naturally and do not pull forcefully so as to avoid breaking or jumping of thread.

5. Turn of motor after use and rotate handwheel to raise the needle to the highest position. Put out the thread from needle for 15 - 25mm and cut the thread.(Attention: Do not pull forcefully thread or cloth so as to avoid damage to machine part or needle.)

6. Raise cloth pressing plate by using cloth pressing plate handle. Lightly pull out cloth, upturn the sewed cloth and draw out thread, then knot in accordance with attached drawing 2 on the user manual.


Power supply: 4 * AA batteries or AC adapter (Not included)

Item weight: 413g / 14.56oz

Package includes:

1 * Mini sewing machine

1 * Metal bobbin(with thread)

1 * Needle-threader

1 * Needle

1 * User manual

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