High Definition Shirt Button Spy Camera

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This gadget looks just like an ordinary shirt button, but it is actually a high quality spy recorder, and hidden within is a tiny pinhole camera that captures a clear image without arousing suspicion. Designed with convenience in mind, this ingenious spy cam features large vibration feedback buttons allowing you to easily use the device without having to look at it. Just press and hold the button for 2 seconds and the device will vibrate for a moment, confirming that it is now recording. Press it once more to stop and save.

The advanced button DVR records high resolution video and pictures. Colors are accurate, motion is smooth, and images are clear and full of detail. You can even capture video in low light conditions with good results. Whatever the conditions might be, you can count on this great spy button to capture all your undercover recordings when you need it most. Being also able to record audio, it is the perfect spy gadget to keep a record of face-to-face conversations and talks.

Mini spy button camera with audio and color video recording, perfectly sized to be put inside a chewing gum wrapper for almost undetectable covert surveillance. This micro sized camera gadget is every spy lover's dream with features such as a micro SD card slot for up to 4GB of memory.

Primary Functions
Digital Video and Still Camera with Telescope Zoom Lens
Materials: Metal with black painted finish, buttons are plastic
Storage: Internal Memory 4GB - 16GB memory card support
Recording Format: AVI 
Color Video: YES
Lens: 3.6mm wide angle lens
Color: Black
Recording Range: 2~3 Meters Video 1~2 Meters Audio
PC interface: USB 
Battery: 300mAh rechargeable Li-ion (recharge from USB) 
Typical Battery Life: Approx 2 hour of video recording
Continuous recording until memory is full or manually shut off, Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed

Quick use tips - 
(1) power on 
(2) press the record/stop button one full second until green light flashes once, now you are recording 
(3) press the record/stop button one full second again until the green light flashes once, now you have stopped recording.

Package Contents 
Model CVSD-629 Button Spy Camera 
Quick-start guide - English 
Mini-USB to USB cable 
matching black buttons for DIY shirt tailoring

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