High Definition Digital Video Recorder Mini Camcorder Camera Spy Sunglasses

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Product Description

HD Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Hidden Camera will help you record brilliant videos in rich natural colors. It is fun and exciting to use, it is cheaper when compared to regular digital cameras and camcorders. The sunglasses are versatile as it will serve you as a fashion accessory and also as a recording device. The design of the glasses keeps up with the latest fashion trend in the design of sunglasses and the camera is the world's first HD quality video camera eyewear. This camera will give you clear digital video recording all the time.

HD Spy Eyewear Sunglasses Hidden Camera will allow you record exactly what you see through your own eyes. It is a discrete way to record events and happenings without arousing any suspicion from the subject. It is easy to use, the camera starts recording with the push of the button. Sans Nom sunglasses hidden camera can also be used to record at concerts, sport competitions and any other events. All recording made will be discrete without drawing attention to you. The shape and color of the spy wear glasses makes it a perfect accessory for any outfit.


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